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Contact us for a hassle free and quick ride from the airport to the apartment and back. We can also provide taxi services for you whilst you are on holiday. What’s more… since we always use the same company for ourselves and for our clients, our clients benefit from special prices so it’s cheaper than booking yourself.

Laundry services
Should you require laundry services kindly contact us for more information. We will collect them and deliver them back for you within 24 hours.

Cleaning services
We would gladly provide cleaning services for you. Our personal professional cleaners, who we trust blindly, will do the trick for you at 10 euros an hour (including general cleaning, washing dishes, washing clothes, ironing, folding clothes, changing sheets, and so on).

Massage at the comfort of your own accomodation
Contact us for a professional masseur

Personal chef at your accomodation
Experience Gozitan home-made food by a local chef who will dedicate the evening cooking for you. Contact us for more details.

Baby sitting
Being parents we know how important it is to enjoy some well-deserved quiet and romantic time with your loved ones. Our personal baby sitters are qualified and great with children.

Food pack upon arrival
Let us know what items you wish to have and we will provide it for you. There are also many supermarkets who make deliveries for you. Contact us for more information.

Horse riding
Horse riding is an exhilarating, fun and different way to experience the unspoilt countryside of Gozo. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, horse riding stables can provide you with a suitable horse and a beautiful ride. Contact us for more information.

Eco tours
Eco tours will take you away from the usual tourist trail and introduce you to the places and people Gozitans know and love. This tour is entirely reliant on the skills and friendliness of the people of Gozo. Rather than the usual guided tour format where guests are told information - this tour introduces you to a variety of local people at work and at play in their everyday lives. You have the opportunity to ask questions directly of these local experts - and we’re never quite sure what they are going to say!

The tour varies with the season and people’s availability and anyway, we don’t like to give too much away, but we will tell you that part of the day is focused on traditional foods with opportunities to do more than just eat them (although that alone is worth coming for!) and that you are likely to learn a new game. Interaction between tourists and locals helps visitors to understand more about Gozo and it helps Gozo too. The interest and admiration of visitors for traditional skills and ways of life helps to keep them alive. For further information please contact us.

Boat tours/ boat hire / jetski hire / kayaki hire / fishing trips and water sports:
Some aspects of Gozo can only really be appreciated from the sea. There is no better way to view the splendour of the Gozitan coastline, with its rugged cliffs and secluded bays, than from a boat. For information about this service, visit the Xlendi water sports at the Xlendi waterfront.

Diving Gozo is home to some of the best diving in the Mediterranean. There are dive spots suitable for all levels of experience, from beginners to practiced divers looking for a new challenge. The underwater landscape here is spectacular, the visibility excellent. Gozo Diving is famous for the underwater visibility, warm temperatures and stunning underwater scenery. Submerged caves, chimneys, arches and tunnels together with breathtaking drop offs and the flourishing marine life make Gozo the Mediterranean's best dive destination. The sea is usually calm and the sea temperature never drops below 13ºC so diving is possible almost all year round.

Segway tours
Segways are an eco-friendly, self-balancing, electric transportation vehicle. They are easy to learn and fun to drive. There is no feeling that can compare to gliding effortlessly and silently on a Segway through our beautiful country side. Our guided tours are designed so that you can enjoy Gozo's hidden treasures, without getting tired feet! And at the same time our friendly local guides will provide you with some interesting anecdotes about Gozo's hidden treasures.

Quadbike tour
Here’s a different way to see Gozo – on a quad bike. Discover Gozo’s natural hidden gems, or roam around its narrow streets on these fun and practical vehicles. No experience is required - everyone can do it. For info about Quad Bike Rentals contact us.

Bike tour
If you’d like a bit of local knowledge or someone to cycle with, contact a cycling tour company. Experienced guides will choose routes that take in your interests and cater for your ability level. Rather than whizzing along the main roads, cycling guides will take you through the scenic route, along picturesque valleys with stunning views, and past prehistoric temples and other places of interest. And if you want something gentler, experienced guides will select downhill routes which will take in a variety of landscapes at a more relaxed pace!